Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

When I decided to dedicate my Wednesday posting to Whimsy (whimsey) I had no idea where my search for information on the topic would lead me. Each week I am surprised anew. This weeks search led me in an entirely now direction...
Introducing 'Lord Whimsy'

"Once, sissies were mistaken for gentlemen;

alas, now gentlemen are mistaken for sissies."

- Lord Whimsy

LORD BREAULOVE SWELLS WHIMSY (or "Whimsy" for short) is a gentleman who defies easy description; and as such, has been said to be both a noted dandy and a “glassgazing meacock”; a doyen of culture and a “jack-a-pudding”; a renowned lepidopterist and a “mere grammaticaster”; a Parnassian man-childe and a “finical dapperling”; an exemplar of male splendor and a “chutney-bottomed ninnyroger”—and of course, he has also been dubbed an Affected Provincial. But most importantly, he is the milky gnome who has conjured into being the collection of treatises and epistles entitled THE AFFECTED PROVINCIAL'S COMPANION, VOLUME ONE.

Whimsy delights with his jaunty prose and fanciful theories that leave in their wake a shimmering cloud of visions and ideas upon which the enchanted reader may ponder. The book is a distillation of Whimsy’s daily life: a sort of “personal folklore”, if you will. And like all folklore, it has roots in fact: Whimsy does indeed live near farms, raise moths and ride his highwheel bicycle through the rural town in which he resides. Whimsy has earned a loyal following through his regularly published articles in the Philadelphia Independent; readers have been known to give him handmade quince candies, love letters, and shouts of recognition as he strolls by. In return for these kindnesses, Lord Whimsy makes himself available to those in need, as he did when he once conducted a wedding for a couple of his readers. To quote a gentleman attending the event: “Dude, Whimsy’s real!”

In his attempt to live as beautifully as his modest means will allow, Lord Whimsy has lived in a former army barracks in a small rural town in the New Jersey Pine Barrens for twelve years. There he has created for himself a garden-choked naturalist/aesthete's outpost filled with books, animals, and artwork. He regularly posts his dispatches on an online journal, where he discusses topics as diverse as carnivorous plants, moustache grooming, French nineteenth-century cameo glass vases, and the great Wallace Shawn.

You can read Whimsy's journal and other interesting information about him at the following website.


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to such an interesting fellow...
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