Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Awe, a fresh new year...filled with hope and promise. A time for new resolutions...some will be kept, some not. I have only one resolution this year...inspired by the events of the past year that influenced me the most...I resolve to 'live a more glorious life'. It will take work on my part...I will need to be more giving and forgiving, kinder, more caring and above all, more grateful for the people in my life. I will do my best, with God's help, to keep this resolution.

A while back a friend's comment inspired me to look for a book I used to refer to often for strength in my convictions on some personal turned out it wasn't the book I was actually suppose to find at that time, but rather an old newpaper clipping that tumbled from between the pages, that I needed to read at that particular time in my life. Below I share the insight found in that old clipping...I'm sure I knew who's words they were when I clipped it from the paper (perhaps the author of the book)...alas, my memory fails me, so for now I will simply unknown...

"This is our Father's world, and we must lend listening ears to the songs and signs found in nature, the events of history, and the social encounters of our daily routine. We never know when or how new meaning might break through. We can't predict when a new understanding might emerge or a divine insight might be revealed to illuminate our dark and lonely paths. We don't know how God might act to open up a new way, a new joy, a new freedom, and a new, more glorious life.
I have come to believe that God is truly with us. And what may seem accidental or even tragic at the time of the occurrence turns out to be...just one more development in a continuously unfolding, marvelously meaningful plan for one's life."

And so, as we start this New Year I pray that all of us will be more mindful of our surroundings, always aware that nothing in this life happens by chance and that God has a plan for each of us. We may not always understand the timing of events...finding an old friend, meeting a new one, the loss of a loved one or aquintance, a personal triumph or tragedy...the important thing is to be aware that it is all part of this journey we call life, moving us forward...never backward. We need not always understand...we need to simply embrace the moment for that is all we are ever moment in time.

And so as this new year begins I pray that God will bless you my friends. May you find strength to move through all the seasons, circumstances, tragedies, and events of your lives moment by moment, step by step to find a truly 'more glorious life'.

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