Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving On

Well, as you can see it has been sometime since I last posted here. Turning 60 yesterday has got me thinking that perhaps it is time to revive this blog. I've been pretty busy in the 2 years since that last post...working in a little Tea Room/Cafe, for the Census Bureau, and at a cool little market & deli, learning the ropes of being a grandmother, and taking lots and lots of photographs. I've also done a little writing and had a couple of articles published in a local magazine...and I'm hoping to do more of that. I'm not anywhere near ready to 'retire'...however, I am starting a new chapter of my life. It is this 'moving on' I want to share here.

Change has always been a bit of a fearful thing for me...I don't much like it. When I find a place I like I want to stay there forever...whether it is house, town, job or just a comfortable place in life...unfortunatly in many instances that just isn't possible...things change. And so it is that as I turn 60 and begin a new decade of my life I also find myself looking for new employment opportunites, new ways to stay involved in my community. The Tea Room Cafe where I have worked for 7 years is closing...I am sad, I loved it there, it was the perfect job...good hours, pleasant atmosphere, wonderful customers. I loved dressing up to go to work. Loved serving Tea and scones, helping folks celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or just being alive. I still have my job at the market/deli...and I love it too...good hours - check, pleasant atmosphere - check, wonderful customers - check...all good, just different...the new perfect job. The only problem is I am not sure how long it will last...nothing lasts forever...except...

God's love and support. And it is with His help I will move new adventures.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished...If you are alive, it isn't." ~ Richard Bach

IMAGE OF THE DAY: Our home covered in snow


  1. Tanya, I didn't know you have a blog. I hope you will return to blogging and sharing your corner of the world with us.

  2. Well, guess I'm not done on this earth yet then huh? Keep it up, love to read this :)